Wordsworths memories by derek furr

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Memory - Poem by William Wordsworth

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Allen Mendenhall Interviews Derek Furr, Author of “Semitones”

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Allen Mendenhall Interviews Derek Furr, Author of “Semitones”

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Tintern Abbey

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Wordsworth’s Memories by Derek Furr

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William Wordsworth

We are dedicated by a cloud of subjects. Judy was born August 13, in Stanly County, NC and was the daughter of the late Bessie Barbee Furr and Hubert Lee Furr. She worked at Smiths Grocery for twenty five years. Mrs. Turner is preceded in death by her husband James Larry Turner and son Larry Brent Turner.

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poems of William Wordsworth. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. Derek Furr is a freelance writer and has taught composition and literature courses at the University of Virginia and at Virginia Commonwealth University.

In the following essay, Furr discusses psychological changes over time, the importance of nature in the meaning of life, and Wordsworth’s plea to his sister—and the reader—to remember him. Teaching the Great War the urge to interview them and capture their memories was strong.

The cold war was in its heyday; some second-configuration studies were devoted to seeing the Great War’s connections to both failed and successful Marxist revolutions during that time, not least the Russian Revolution.

Author Derek Furr.

Wordsworths memories by derek furr
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Role of memory and childhood in Wordsworth's poetry