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The Arrival 1 TEACHER’S BOOK NOTES The Arrival Written by Shaun Tan Description The Arrival is a page book of illustrations without words, a silent graphic novel. This is a great way to get children to think about creating questions as they read, and in turn, builds their comprehension.

In this lesson, students use computer software (Inspiration 9) to map out their questions and spend time at the end of the session answering their questions to build their understanding.


Shaun Tan was born in in Fremantle, Western Australia. He is an artist, writer, and film maker. Inhis wordless graphic novel The Arrival won the "Book of the Year" prize as part of the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards.4/5(1).

May 06,  · Hey, we got to deconstruct this just wondering if any`1 can give me any tips on and some extracts of what they have done??, Thanks!!!

Memorial [Gary Crew, Shaun Tan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A young boy tells the moving story of the tree, planted as a memorial to Australian soldiers killed in World War IReviews: 2.

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Memorial shaun tan gary crew
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