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Ethical Dilemmas in The Insider Essay

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The Insider Essay Research Paper The InsiderNot

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The Insider Essay, Research Paper The Insider Not long ago Big Tobacco was spanked with one million millions of dollars in colony money for category action cases, due mostly to the bravery of whistleblower scientist Dr.

Jeffrey Wigand. The former head of a scientific research section with a major baccy company, Wigand was fired for [ ]. Michael Mann's "The Insider" makes a thriller and expose out of how big tobacco's long-running tissue of lies was finally exposed by investigative journalism. At its center stands Lowell Bergman, a producer for "60 Minutes," the CBS News program where a former tobacco scientist named Jeffrey Wigand spilled the beans.

First Bergman coaxes Wigand to talk. On one side, there is Jeffrey Wigand (Russell Crowe), the former tobacco scientist who violated contractual agreements to expose Brown & Williamson's inclusion of addictive ingredients in cigarettes, casting himself into a vortex of moral dilemma.

See the extensive bibliography (divided into print, video/audio, and online resources) below the essay. Jeffrey Wigand Takes On Big Tobacco (a tip o' the hat to William Rainbolt for sharing his bibliography) [1] Until recently, Big Tobacco has enjoyed a relatively pleasurable stay on American soil.

The movie The Insider is based on real-life events from the mid-nineties. Jeffrey Wigand was vice president of research at Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation, but was unsatisfied with the direction that the company was heading.

Jeffrey wigand essay
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