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- Genetic testing is a form of DNA testing that allows the interpretation of a genetic code to evaluate ones susceptibility to particular genetic disorders. These tests can be performed using samples of blood or bodily tissues, essentially anything that would contain DNA.

Inhereted Diseases/ MLD In these disease s patients don't have the protein needed to metabolize the food we eat. MLD is an inherited disease that is caused by the absence of the enzymearylsufatasase A.

Sep 19,  · The prognosis for metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) is poor. The late infantile form of the disorder, the most common type, usually appears in the second year of life.

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This form typically progresses over approximately 5 to 10 years. Most children with the infantile form die by age 5. Genetic disorders are a topic in biology that can not be avoided. The fact is that genetic disorders can happen in humans, plants or animal. No one and nothing is safe from a genetic disorder.

A genetic disorder can appear in the first years off life, or can appear much later in life when least expected. Essay on Genetic diseases. One in 4 women dies from heart disease in the U.S. Learn how heart diseases affect women differently than men, the symptoms, and risk factors.

One in 4 women dies from heart disease in the U.S. Learn how heart diseases affect women differently than men, the symptoms, and risk factors.

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