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Franz Boas

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Franz Boas

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Father Franz Boas--Father of American Anthropology Essays - Father Franz Boas--Father of American Anthropology Franz Boas is often referred to as the father of American anthropology because of the great influence he had in the lives and the careers of the next great generation of anthropologists in America.

Franz Boas Anthropology is the study of human diversity throughout the course of time around the world. It is made up of four subfields: Cultural, Linguistic, Archaeology, and Biological Anthropology. One of the earliest pioneers of modern anthropology was Franz Boas; he was an anthropo.

Boas was born in Westphalia, the son of a successful businessman. After attending local schools, he studied mathematics and the natural sciences at universities in Heidelberg, Bonn, and Kiel.

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[Franz Boas] was born in Minden, Westphalia, and was educated at the universities of Heidelberg, Bonn and Kiel, where his particular fields of study were physics, geography and mathematics. Franz Boas Essay  Research Topic Precursor & Personality & Culture Movement Is the theory of cultural relativism by Franz Boas still applicable today?

Franz boas essay
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