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Essay On Roberta Bondar

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Essay on roberta bondar - Essay bondar

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Roberta Bondar

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Roberta Bondar is famous for being the first Canadian woman to go into space. However, she is also an expert in many different fields. She was born in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, on December 4, Essay on roberta bondar - Essay bondar The Board is comprised of advisors in the fields of Education, Environment, Law, Science, Art, Business, and Publishing.

Roberta Bondar, Speaker On Global Warming & Environmental. Roberta Bondar CC OOnt FRCPC FRSC is Canada's first female astronaut and the first neurologist in space. Following more than a decade as NASA's head of space. Roberta Bondar is a legend and a heroine to thousands of North Americans, children and adults alike, who watched her blast off into history in Januaryaboard the space shuttle Discovery.

Roberta Bondar's photographic explorations have taken her to some of the most extreme climatic and geological locations on Earth. She has captured the beauty, solitude and dramatic landscape of the American Southwest, the High Arctic and the Sahara Desert with its ancient Roman ruins.

Roberta Bondar is famous for being the first Canadian woman to go into space. However, she is also an expert in many different fields. She was born in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, on December 4,

Essay on roberta bondar
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