Costs of care essay contest

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Tell Your Story: 2013 Costs of Care Essay Contest Is Open!

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E-mail submissions to [email protected] *This contest is currently closed. Information on the 6th Annual Essay Contest will be available June The odds of winning an Instant Win Game Prize are 1 in 4, Instant Win Game Opportunity (): One (1) additional Sweepstakes entry.

The odds of receiving an Instant Win Game Opportunity are 1 in 1, Sep 25,  · Costs of Care Essay Contest! On September 7, Costs of Care launched a national essay contest, with $ prizes for the best anecdotes from patients and clinicians illustrating the importance of cost-awareness in medical Costs of Care.

Annual Story Contest 6TH ANNUAL STORY CONTEST $ in prizes for the best stories from patients and families, clinicians, and administrators illustrating the importance of cost-awareness in healthcare. As part of that effort, the Costs of Care Essay Contest solicits stories that illustrate how “cost-awareness leads to high value care.” Costs of Care is doubling the number of prizes this year, with a total of four $ prizes going to two providers and two patients.

Costs of care essay contest
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