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List of Chinese Canadians

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An immigrant’s essay: From exclusion to belonging

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This is a list of Chinese Canadians including both original immigrants who obtained Canadian citizenship and their Canadian-born descendants who are notable, have made significant contributions to the Canadian or international culture or society politically, artistically or scientifically, or have prominently appeared in the news.

Sample Essay. Words 3, Introduction. The history of the Chinese in Canada parallels in essential ways the history of other Asian ethnic groups in the western provinces and states of Canada.

One page essay proposal + words: A thesis about Chinese Canadians that requires support in the form of a developed argument. For example, you could defend the merits and/or detriments of an aspect of Chinese Canadian culture, such as their promotion of the Chinese language; or claim that Chinese Canadians have contributed to educational diversity in the country; or argue that Chinese.

The Cultural Diversity in Canada: Chinese Canadians Essay; The Cultural Diversity in Canada: Chinese Canadians Essay. Words 4 Pages. Chinese Canadians Canada is known for being the country filled with all different type of people from all around the world. The community that I have chosen to look in depth is Canadian Chinese.

Beyond Silence: Chinese Canadian Literature in English, by Lien Chao, looks at the development of Chinese Canadian voices in fiction, drama, poetry, and essays.

3 The Early Chinese Canadians The History: Why the Chinese Came to Canada What's in this section? Chinese Canadians and Legal Complications.

Japanese Canadian internment

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