Australian aboriginal dot art essay

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Impact of European settlement on Indigenous people

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Eddie Koiki Mabo

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Venetian 2 - archival display from the Theories's Art Register. Keith Namatjira, Haasts Officerwatercolour on paperboard.  Australian Indigenous art is the oldest ongoing tradition of art in the world.

Initial forms of artistic Aboriginal expression were rock carvings, body painting and ground designs, which date back more than 30, years.

The quality and variety of Australian Indigenous art produced today reflects the richness and diversity of Indifenous culture and distinct.

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Art is central to the Aboriginal life.

Issue 12, December 1998

It can be made for political, social, utilitarian and didactive purposes, and is inherently connected to the religious domain. Art is also a means by which the present is connected with the past and the humans with the supernatural. The Dreamtime - Aboriginal Art Online.

Australian aboriginal dot art essay
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